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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is yes. While a digital marketplace can look intimidating at first, we at Nashflare prioritize the safety of everyone through verification and safety processes. Our sellers only receive their payouts if you receive your order. Through this general build up of our orders, it is impossible to get scammed, lose money or being a victim of fraud. 

We understand that not everything is perfect and there is always something that can go wrong. That is why we are always there for you to help you with questions, problems or disputes. 

You can always reach us on our contact page, messenger, social media or at [email protected].

We offer our customers to dispute orders if a seller can’t or won’t deliver the product you already payed for. Refunds are also happening if the customer and the seller both agree to a refund. 

We do not refund any orders based on Buyers regret or after the order got delivered. For further information please look into our Terms of Use.

In case of any problems with your orders after the completion or delivery, you are able to create a Dispute under “My Orders” in your Dashboard. This will notify Nashflare and we will work with both parties together to find a solution.

Important note: Please do not create any dispute if you haven’t already, 1) contacted the seller/vendor to find a solution, 2) contacted Nashflare Support through E-Mail, Discord and other Support Outlets regarding your order, or 3) request a refund or cancellation of your order, when it goes against our Terms of Use.

Any disputes that are being created and go against our Terms of Use or fall under the three requirements, mentioned above, are due to declinement, temporary or permanent closure of your user account.

Here at Nashflare there are different options and ways to receive your order once it gets delivered or completed. Since every vendor/seller delivers their products differently we want you to show where to look for your deliveries. 

Different types of deliveries:
– Nashflare Messenger (My Account -> Messages) 
– Downloadable Files (My Account -> Downloads) or (Order Confirmation E-Mail)

Once we received your payment you are being notified through e-mail that your order is being processed. Please keep in mind that this process can take up to 48 hours. This time frame is the maximum time window a seller has, to deliver a product. 

Please keep in mind that the delivery time varies on the seller and product. You can always message the seller regarding your order through your Orders or through the product page when you select “Chat with Seller”.

Registering an Nashflare account is completely fee free and not tied to any form of subscription. You can choose when, what and how you want to pay. 

We offer multiple safe & secure payment gateways for you to buy on Nashflare. 

These include Debit Cards, Credit Cards & Coinbase Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies. 


During the checkout any Use of Proxies, Web Proxies, or VPNs is prohibited and could lead to a failed transaction, a blocked card, or permanent deletion of your user account.

Make sure to double-check your payment information, sufficient funds, any spelling errors and a stable connection. 

If you can’t find any solutions, you can always reach us through our Social Media, Messenger and our Contact Page.

our Advantages

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Hundreds of Offers

With offer hundreds of different  products and over thirthy types of game categories to choose from, we are making sure that your shopping experience is staying simple and fun. With features like our Messenger, you are able to contact the seller directly before, during, or after an order.

Many Different Payment Methods

We offer many different payment methods for our customers which include debit/credit cards, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, SOFORT, Ideal, Giropay, EPS, Bancontact and Przelewy24. All Nashflare Payments go through secured and official payment gateways to secure your sensitive payment information.
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Shop With Us

24/7 Support

We understand that our customers are the heart of Nashflare. That is why we provide full support for our users when it comes to questions, problems with orders or disputes with sellers.
We are always available to be contacted and to help with any kinds of inquiries.

Full Buyer Protection

Never worry about your orders again, we got you covered! You get guaranteed refunds in case of empty stock or wrong deliveries. Our sellers only receive their payouts if you receive your order! 
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